Korean Folk Village

Not too far from urban modernity is a Korean Folk Village that preserves traditions

Let's go inside and explore

School children practice some English with me:

In the right forground: the child's hand says "Thomas". I signed a hundred autographs on notepads and on palms.

Dancers twirl a long ribbon attached to their beenie caps, and also twirl their whole bodies:

Tight-rope walker, with fan:

Enactment of a traditional wedding ceremony:

Those same school children found me again:

Wishing tree:

Groom on donkey and bride-in-a-basket

Carrying the bride to the groom's house

For sleeping comfort, a bamboo cylinder, called "bamboo wife" or "dutch wife":

A peaceful place:

Found again by the school children:

A poem about the millstone ("how it turns in an eternal circle, like our minds"):

Clay pots for soy sauce:

Vendor of a sweet rice-bean drink called shee wonan bi-sukaru:

Reflection of trees in the drink:

A "pull-cart", designed for a human motor, a sort of rikshaw for transporting cargo:

Water-powered rice mill.
When the hollowed part of the log empties the creek water, 
the log teeter-totters back up.

And inside the wind-protected hut, at the opposite side of the log, the mortar pounds the grain:

The "Under-Sky" and "Under-Earth" Military Commanders:

Two hares and a tiger:

Storing soy sauce

An offering?

Toilet with toilet paper hanging in upper right

Printing press: