Korea (general stuff)

Camouflaged Coast Guard watch house surveying the shore near North Korea.

Ancient red pagoda and modern electric power tower: all in the same rice paddy!

Older homes remaining in the shadow of a modern apartment complex

Advertisement for "Sweet Home" modern apartment complex

Apartment complex along toll road

Apartment complex next to rice paddy
LG is one of the big four conglomerates (Samsung, Hyundai, LG, SK) that rule construction, appliances, telecommunications, insurance, medicine, oil/gas, automobiles and computers in a way that would analogous to having ChevronTexaco merge with GeneralMotors, General Electric, Sony, Otis elevator, Blue Cross, Maytag, SprintPCS, Motorola, and Dell Computer. Basically, a level of conglomeration that dominates the economy as much as these skyscrapers dominate the rice paddy, and that leaves miniscule space for "start-up" enterprise.

Mr. Kang stands before a small rice paddy. Note the illuminated red cross atop the church. Bicycles are not common and there are as many motorcycles as bicycles riding on the sidewalk and cross-walks.

Kang family at country home

Country-style home with old-style roof

Restaurant in the countryside

Downtown Seoul: The "old style" convenience store is designed for the convenience of the merchant, and includes a television for the merchant to watch soap operas ("drama") while waiting for the next customer to arrive

The merchant sits up to serve customers (and is not expected to stand, which is the custom in the United States)

When there is no customer, the merchant can lay back on pillows to enjoy television

Techomart: a department store of high tech products. Sort of like Fry's, but each section only sells an array of products from one (1) manufacturer.
Like all department stores, this one typically has more clerks than customers.

Each business posts its signs outside whatever space it rents. In this case, a 24 hour sauna has the top two floors.

Sarah and Hanjun in Hanjun's home

Calligraphy to express a passage of the Bible translated into Korean from English.
The form originated in China; the content originated in the West.

The modern way to dry off after swimming in the Olympic pool:

Space-theme inspired by Starbucks Coffee: Coobuck Coffee.
Their website is no longer working, perhaps at the request of Starbucks' attorneys?

Church occupying the top floors of a building:

War Memorial Museum in Itaewon, next to U.S. military base and Korean Joint Forces Headquarters

Battling the Japanese

United Nations' Korean Conflict: 1950-53

United Nations Flag in the first position


Mobile basketball hoops

Recycling bin for metal cans (scrapirons)

Take the elevator to the penthouse for "cacktails", or have a beer in the Hof & Bar

Welcome to "Fine City: Hwasong City", home to some Samsung electronics divisions

A popular yogurt drink is called "Gut" and advertises its benefits for the intestines

Public market placed before the pedestrian strip mall

Dog meat, which was illegal during the 1983 Olympics, is now legal again.
You can go to a "health, longevity restaurant" for dog stew or just buy some pieces here and cook it at home.

Familiar "Stop" and "Yield" signs

Speed limit 60 kilometers per hour

Circles and ovals are popular in logos and labels

The red circle is popular and part of Rockport shoes localization for the Asian market

The "Effel Tower" like structure holds up the cross of the church.
The dual barbershop posts indicate brothels.

Subway advertisement for the liquor that the police like to drink. (Three mountains; three men)
Do they drink in uniform?