Traditional Korean Wedding (31 May 2003)

At the hairdressers before the ceremony

Directions in the parking lot to the wedding of Kang and Albert at Kang Park

Map of the Public Park Commemorating General Kang's victory of 1018

General Kang, the great ancestor who protected Korea from invaders

The Shrine of General Kang

Mr. Kang, the eldest family member, with his wife, and Sarah Kang

At the gate of the garden

The scribes who keep the tally of contributions toward the wedding expenses

At the Gate of the Garden wearing traditional robes ("Han-Bok")

A girl I met on the subway

A belt made out of marble?

Bride's robe shows flowers (earthly realm?). Groom's robe shows birds and clouds (sky realm?)

Traditional wedding ceremony leader and assistant

Pagentry with the youngest family members

Groom enters the wedding stage behind a blue silk veil

Bride enters the wedding stage

Full-bow in progress

Bride with maidens attending

Drinking together

The final bow is to the witnessing public

The maidens support the bowing bride's headdress


Bride exits

Kang family

LEE Jae-Hyoung, who translated the instructions I needed to perform the ceremony

After the wedding ceremony
(Note: one of the kids above wears overalls that say "GLOBALIZATION")

Less formal robes ("Han-Bok") for greeting wedding guests at the feast

Yuri and son

The area surrounding a resort where we went to relax, swim, and sing karaoke.
The resort was basically a hotel of rent-by-the-day apartments with kitchens, and such a hotel is called a "condominium".