People of the United States versus George Bush

(photos from three peace rallies)

2003: February 15

October 6, 2002: San Francisco's Union Square

Reverend Cecil Williams, of Glide Memorial Church (San Francisco's largest Church), preaching Peace on this Sunday and reminding us of the commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill".

Bonnie Raitt, popular rock singer, denying Bush's claim that everyone agrees with him: "Not in our name" will he seek unnecessary war.

 In the center, an Ossama bin Laden poster: "I want you to invade Iraq" because it can incite hatred between the peoples.

An image of George W. finally telling the truth!

So obvious -- so unacceptable!

The Bush doctrine can backfire because it does not address the root cause of anything.

Below the department stores, Berkeley's "Magic Bus"

October 26, 2002: San Francisco's Market Street/Civic Center

(photos by Sarah)

Congresswoman Barbara Lee of Oakland/Berkeley calling for an end to the reign of Bush.

A civilian target urges peace

The biggest threat to peace is the love of war power.

A high-ranking German official declared that Bush's tactic of war to distract the voters is reminiscent of Hitler.

Bread for Peace (Berkeley Cheeseboard Collective, which shut down for the day and urged customers to join the march)

Bush and Cheney riding a military rocket. Notice the "stars" in the U.S. flag: logos for Shell Oil, Chrysler Automotive, AT&T, ChevronTexico ...

Can we trust the corporate-owned mass media?

Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, who died mysteriously, caused the Democrats to lose that seat (50% vs 48%) on Nov. 5

Secretary of Defense or Offense?

Art is Harmless: War is Obscene (why did Ashcroft spend $100,000 of tax payers money to hide the breast of the allegory of Justice?)

Our national security policy fills the bank accounts of political leaders who have a long and recent history of funding Ossama Bin Laden ...

This poster had quotes from the President:

February 15 2003: Elected Presidents' Day